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It really can't get better than the treatment you get here. If you follow Dr. Jim's treatment plan you will feel better. He will examine not only every joint, but all aspects of your life. I have been going here for about 1 and a half years.

Derek G.

I tried to leave a review when I was actually under Dr Wion's care and could not save it for some reason. I saw Dr Wion for several months for lower back/hip pain. I was in intense pain when I started with him and by the end of my treatment my pain relief had improved 95%. I improved so much under his care that he has to know what he's doing...I would definitely recommend this doctor.

Kay O.

Dr. Jim is a whole body Chiropractor. Not only is he able to manipulate your spine correctly, he adjusts any joint that may be the root cause of an issue. He also provides you information to better improve your posture and life. We like him so well, I take my entire family to see him. It's a full 90 min drive from my house to his office. It is such a relief to have a Chiropractor that you can trust. Great results, an expert of high integrity.

John D.

Doc is the best Chiropractor I've ever had the pleasure of being treated by. Jim was my primary health care giver for over 10 yrs, helping me recover and function pain free after numerous spinal injuries while an active duty Army Ranger for 3 yrs. The damage done and resulting degenerative processes were as successfully treated by Doc as anyone could hope for. He tailors each patients treatment to their specific issues and problems. Jim is a man of impeccable moral character and I trust him and know he has my best interests at heart.

Vincent W.

Since seeing Dr. Jim my back pain has gone from an 8 to a 0. I am able to stand straight up. I have been to other chiropractors and his adjustments have been the best. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a chiropractor.

Mike H.

I had been dealing with significant low back pain due to a herniated disc for well over 2 years. I have been seeing Dr. Jim now for a month, and have already had great results mitigating the pain in my lower back.

Brett S.

I had quite a few problems, went to Dr. Jim after wasting money on countless other medical doctors, who for the life of them could not figure out why I had the symptoms I did. After my first adjustment I felt 100 times better, he took my xrays and identified EVERY issue and then began to correct them. I have never felt this good, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Jim. I will be a patient for life!!

Cortney W.

Dr. Jim is the best chiropractor I have ever used! He diagnosed and treated me for maladies other chiropractors missed. I am extremely impressed with the level of knowledge and skill Dr. Jim exhibits and demonstrates. I had back surgery in 2000 (three blown discs, two fusions, L3,4 and 5) and he is the first chriopractor to be unafraid in adjusting that area, as well as spending lots of time on my neck. When he finishes adjusting me, it is as if my body was on drugs! It feels SO GOOD that he is getting me to the place where my body needs to be, free from chronic stress, muscle tightness and stuck joints! The man is simply awesome! I am blessed to have him as my doctor, and will continue to see him for years to come.

Marc S.

I had gone to several doctors for pain in my leg/hip area. At first, I was told it was Arthritis. Then, a bone specialist told me it was my Sciatica. He suggested I see a Chiropractor. I went to We Care since my husband and mother-in-law recommended Dr. Wion. I have been really pleased with the results. My hip has finally been adjusted. I have learned how to carry myself, as well as, how to sit correctly without causing any problems to my back.

Rhonda B.

Dr. Jim is the best! I highly recommend a life changing trip here. Dr. Jim is very though and explains everything before he provides any treatment. I've delt with a few chiropractors since I was younger and Dr. Jim explained and showed me was to correct my issues and I have never felt better. They have a great selection of vitamins that your body can absorb also in stock.

Eric A.

I went to see Dr Wion for extreme lower back pain. With routine adjustments, my back pain is gone and also my seasonal allergies seem to have disapeared. I normally have to take allergy medication all the time, but with Dr Wion's help, I haven't had to take any for the last 2 springs.

Dennis T.

Dr Wion was my Chiropractor in Fort Recovery, Ohio as well as a good family friend. He has always been very thorough and you can tell he really cares. He was an inspiration for me to become a Chiropractor myself and open my own practice! Thanks Dr Wion!

Angelita A.

I had an accident a few years ago. Was feeling a lot of discomfort due to the accident. Jim did a great job and was able to help take that away. Jims wife is awesome as well she's very welcoming and such a sweetheart. My mother was involved in a car accident 15 years ago where she received most of the impact to her arm. Her arm was dislocated due to this accident. She went to a Chiropractor for 3 months. The chiropractor referred her to a surgeon. The surgeon advised my mom that she needed an immediate surgery. She had two options. The first option was if she followed through with this surgery there was a risk that she might lose her arm. If the surgery went ok she would be required to follow multiple surgeries to finish correcting after that. The second option was she did not have surgery and had to live with the discomfort/ pain for the rest of her life. My mom chose the 2nd option. A few weeks ago we took a road trip to North Carolina. My mom let my son lay on her arm when he fell asleep. He laid there for 5 hours. My mom is careful with this arm but she the pain and discomfort have been at a standstill after a certain period of time. We left to NC on a Thursday, Saturday night the pain was excruciating my mom didn't sleep for 2 days. We finally got back to OH. We went to see Jim. He let us know she DID NOT need surgery and that he can correct and adjust her dislocated arm. He has been adjusting her and my mom says after the first adjustment there was pain she felt in her back for 15 years that went away the next day. My mom feels better than she has in 15 years! She is still continuing her adjustments until Jim says she's 100% better. Thank God for Jim!

Ileana R.

I "WAS" Diabetic! Yes, I said WAS! I met Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Wion at a business meeting at Faith Life Church on Beach Rd. I heard him speak about eating healthy to eliminate diseases, and asked him if he knew any information on beating diabetes. The rest is history! What I mean, is to my surprise my diabetes doctor read my blood test report last week,and said I am not diabetic any more! No signs of diabetes from all my tests! I was off insulin shots within the first 4 months or less. We Care Wellness Centre is not only very good at their chiropractic services, but very well educated in healthy eating your way to freedom from many many diseases! Dr. Wion was diagnosed with less than a year to live without a triple by pass. Again I said "WAS"! He also has no signs of heart disease! Are you listening? Praise God for the "We Care Wellness Centre" in Pataskala OH. They really do care!

John K.

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