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Hi, I’m Dr. Jim Wion and I grew up in Versailles, Ohio. I practiced 15 years in Indiana, and have been practicing in Ohio since 2004. My story about Chiropractic- Many people find it interesting yet puzzling why I am so positive about Chiropractic care or treatment. Due to that, I decided to share some events that have truly affected me so that you may better understand my enthusiasm. I have received many injuries over the years. Some of these include; being run over at eighteen months by a ‘47 Ford, cracking my head open onto the back step of the house at age 3, being hit from behind by a 5-ton truck totaling my car and another time hitting a car we did not know was stopped on a dual lane, which totaled our car. Degenerative processes began to have an affect on my health. As a 15 year old I had my first back surgery. The surgery did not stop the degenerative process and a second surgery was recommended when I was in my early 30’s. The haunting memory of the nurses saying ” we’ll see you again for another surgery for the disc above” left me wondering what good was the first one? A pre-exam procedure, the mylogram, caused a migraine headache, which was a side affect of the procedure. Fortunately that happened in the presence of a person who believed in Chiropractic. This lead me into a new journey of health. A year later with Chiropractic treatment I was essentially pain free for the first time in many years. The benefits of Chiropractic care extend beyond the spine. Other affects of these past injuries have been eye problems and a great amount of tension in the vocal area. My right eye will tend to wander off when I attempt to focus. That has been greatly helped by being adjusted allowing the eye to hold focus more easily. The vocal stress has been an even greater challenge. I love singing and hold a degree in voice from college. My range was very limited due to the stress from previous injuries. Years later following college, I began a series of Chiropractic treatments to the neck area. This decreased the stress and my vocal range doubled. I am able to sing without tension and now it is much more pleasant to hear. Now that you know, it should make sense why I love going to the office each day and treating people who have many physical limitations. Chiropractic has been very kind to me and has allowed me to become a much more productive person. As it has been special to me I am certain Chiropractic will be special to you. You will have that opportunity to lose the ache, pains and regain the body functions once enjoyed. Because of that, you will have the ability to consider the greater things in life you once thought possible and now have given up. That special you inside will now be able to stand up and start accomplishing those things left behind long ago.
I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1984. I also received my B.S. Degree from Manchester College in music education and my associates degree in Christian education from World Harvest Bible College. I practiced 15 years in Indiana, and have been practicing in Ohio since 2004. My additional training is in extremity adjusting, body mechanics and I have a great interest in nutrition.
My interests include cooking, gardening, woodworking and carpentry. I have two children and five grandkids. I presently reside in Pataskala, Oh. and enjoy the helpfulness and friendliness of the local community.

Corky Wion

Hi, I am Corky Wion. I was born and raised in Indiana. I met my husband at Manchester College and we have been married for over 50 years. We have two wonderful children, DeAnna and her husband live in GA and have two children, our youngest, Daniel and his wife live here in Columbus and have three children. Grandchildren are a wonderful blessing. I have worked off and on for Dr. Jim, at the front desk and in insurance billing over several years. I love meeting and working with the patients who come to see Dr. Jim. My desire is to assist you in taking care of your chiropractic scheduling and insurance needs.

Dr. Jim and I met at Manchester College, where I received my BS and MS in Music Education. I taught Elementary Music and High School Choir for 10 years and still currently teach piano. Since those years I have continued my education path to keep up with the rigorous demands of insurance billing and Nutritional training, to be able to provide you with unmatched service.

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