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We give personal customized care to every single patient who walks through our doors, whether you are a walk-in, referral, or found us through your insurance company.

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Make an appointment to come see us to experience for yourself a full body health revolution. Feel better instantly and finish your day feeling energized and recharged.

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95% of our patients are return customers or referrals. But don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our happy patients are saying.

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With 20 years combined industry experience and a passion for health and wellness We Care Wellness is your destination for complete body healing and wholeness.

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder elbow and wrist pain, hip, knee, ankle pain and headaches are just a few of the conditions We Care Wellness specializes in helping to repair, restore and return to health using the natural methods of chiropractic.
We Care Wellness Centre is dedicated to serving our patients’ needs. We understand that everyone is unique and has different challenges and concerns. We tailor your care to suit your particular needs. At We Care Wellness Centre, you can feel confident that Doctor Wion understands your condition and takes the time to listen, explain, and move you towards living a more healthy and fulfilling life.
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Still not convinced that chiropractic care is the smartest way to take care of your body? Listen to what some of our patients have to say..

Dr Wion actually takes enough time for his patients and -I am happy to say- he REALLY helped me unlike my former chiropractor who saw me for about a minute three times a week. Dr Wion knows what he’s doing. – Sacha W
Dr. Jim is the best chiropractor I have ever used! He diagnosed and treated me for maladies other chiropractors missed. I am extremely impressed with the level of knowledge and skill Dr. Jim exhibits and demonstrates. I had back surgery in 2000 (three blown discs, two fusions, L3,4 and 5) and he is the first chiropractor to be unafraid in adjusting that area, as well as spending lots of time on my neck. When he finishes adjusting me, it is as if my body was on drugs! It feels SO GOOD that he is getting me to the place where my body needs to be, free from chronic stress, muscle tightness and stuck joints! The man is simply awesome! I am blessed to have him as my doctor, and will continue to see him for years to come.Mark S
Doc is the best Chiropractor I’ve ever had the pleasure of being treated by. Jim was my primary health care giver for over 10 yrs, helping me recover and function pain free after numerous spinal injuries while an active duty Army Ranger for 3 yrs. The damage done and resulting degenerative processes were as successfully treated by Doc as anyone could hope for. He tailors each patients treatment to their specific issues and problems. Jim is a man of impeccable moral character and I trust him and know he has my best interests at heart. – Vincent W